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Cristoph - 8-track (Limited Edition Bundle)

Any orders made after the 19th of December will be shipped on the 4th January.
The inaugural edition of 8-track bears Cristoph’s name and will serve to showcase his strength as a producer and unforgivingly confuse those still stuck in a world where house music and techno are separated by propped-up dividers. 
8-track features eight new original pieces of music, concisely mapped out as a pensive reflection of Cristoph’s career to date built on moving, no-nonsense rhythms and textural interplay.
This limited edition bundle features a CD, Closer 12” including a Hot Since 82 remix and a special cassette version.
All orders receive the mixed version instantly.
1. Closer
2. Rapture
3. Alone
4. The Enemy Within
5. Supreme Solace
6. Perplexity
7. Absent Mentor
8. Catsy